How Construction Sites Can Benefit From CCTV Systems

CCTV has become an invaluable tool for site managers across the construction industry. With the advancement of technology, CCTV can be used for so much more than security and surveillance. From monitoring site progress to promoting health and safety, there are so many benefits to having a reliable CCTV system in place. The usage of features such as facial recognition, remote monitoring and video surveillance prove to be extremely useful for site managers. In this blog, discover how construction sites, and site managers, can benefit from CCTV systems. 

Use CCTV to Prevent Crime on Construction Sites

Construction sites are often vulnerable to crimes like theft and vandalism which can result in costly implications. A reliable, high-quality CCTV system can provide 24 hour surveillance 365 days of the year. Upon installing CCTV, it’s a legal requirement to display signage to make staff and visitors aware that they are being recorded. The presence of the cameras, and the signage, can often be enough to deter criminals. However, if there was an instance where a crime still took place, the footage could be used as evidence in a police investigation.

In terms of choosing the perfect CCTV solution to keep your site secure, you’ll find that there are plenty of options that suit your requirements and budget. You might opt for a high-resolution system that would make facial recognition a possibility. Or, you could choose a security solution that ties in automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras. These cameras are usually linked to an access control barrier which will allow access to authorised vehicles. If there was an occasion where an unauthorised vehicle attempted to enter the site, your security team would be alerted.

Good CCTV systems can also often help with insurance. Not only can CCTV footage help insurers determine whether a claim is legitimate but it could also lower the cost of insurance, if your insurance provider believes the risk is lower. As well as this, you’ll find that CCTV will provide you with peace of mind.

Manage Your Site Remotely with CCTV

CCTV systems provide site managers with the freedom to manage their site, and protect their workforce, remotely. The use of live, and recorded, high-definition footage can allow site managers to analyse projects, check how their staff are getting on and monitor health and safety on site. Upon viewing CCTV footage, site managers can make important decisions regarding additional resources and timelines. Whilst it’s likely that site managers will still need to visit the site in person, the use of CCTV could cut this down considerably.

How CCTV on Construction Sites Can Help Health and Safety

Construction site managers are legally obligated to know exactly who is on their site and their whereabouts at all times. This is particularly important in the case of an emergency. The hazardous nature of construction sites means that accidents and emergencies are reasonable concerns. The use of CCTV can help site managers to determine and eliminate any obvious safety risks. Site managers can also use footage to check for dangerous acts, horseplay or bullying and disputes. It’s the site manager’s responsibility to deal with any of these issues as they can negatively impact site workers’ health and safety.

Despite a site manager’s best efforts, accidents do happen and this can result in injury. If this does happen, CCTV footage can be used when filling out any accident reports.

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