How to Protect Your Business from Burglaries

Owning or managing a business is a big responsibility, one of the most important aspects of which should be keeping your commercial property safe and secure.  

Break-ins can have a serious impact on businesses, owners and employees, especially if stock, equipment and valuables are stolen or damaged. In these cases, it can seriously effect day to day operations, lead to loss of revenue or even businesses having to close for good if they are unable to afford to replace what has been stolen. 

At Bellmont, our experienced security experts have put together some of their top advice for protecting your business from burglars. 

An Effective Alarm System

Intruder alarm systems can work to protect your Essex property in a number of different ways; 

  • The loud alarm often scares away anyone who enters the property. 
  • The ringing alarm alerts those nearby that an intruder has entered the building. 
  • Acts as an excellent deterrent that can prevent have-a-go intruders from attempting to gain access. 
  • Depending on the type of system, these alarms can be programmed to notify the owners, a designated employee or the authorities when it is triggered.


CCTV can be a worthwhile investment and the required signage that needs to be placed externally around the business to inform people they are being filmed makes it very clear to thieves that they are on camera. This is another great deterrent that can make a difference to the security of your premises.  

Secure The Building

Be sure that your exits, doors and windows are secure. This might mean replacing locks and keys, installing an access control system or even things as simple as making sure that all doors are locked, and alarms systems are armed when the last person leaves. 


Because business premises tend to be unoccupied after opening hours and overnight, they can become an easy target for thieves and burglars who can operate in the dark and enter unnoticed. Motion detectors and exterior lighting around the building, particularly near entrances, doors, loading areas, alleyways and adjacent streets can provide better visibility and make it much more difficult for thieves to break in without being seen. 

Theft Prevention

There are a number of different theft-prevention systems that can help to reduce the risk and success of attempted break ins. These include things such as transparent security film, external shutters, bars on the windows and doors or even attack-resistant glass. 

High Value Goods

Try to think like a burglar and take a look at your premises from the outside, what can you see? If high value goods and equipment such as computers, electronics or stock are in clear view then consider doing what you can to remove them from sight where possible. You could also install blinds on all windows and glass doors or dark, privacy windows to prevent people from being able to see inside. 

External Maintenance

The better maintained and well-kept your outside area looks, the less likely you are to be targeted as run down, dishevelled buildings are considered easier and more appealing for burglars. Be sure to keep your external areas, gardens, entrance ways, walls, paths, car park, alleys etc clean and clear by; 

  • Storing wheelie bins in a locked area or cage so they cannot be used to climb up over fences or higher floors of the building.  
  • Regularly trimming and pruning all trees, bushes and hedges that could be used for cover by those trying to hide from view.  
  • Make sure that any lightbulbs that have gone out are replaced immediately. 
  • Removing any rubbish, litter or junk. 
  • Clean off or paint over any graffiti. 

Business Security Solutions

At Bellmont Security, we deliver bespoke security systems for commercial properties of all scale, type, size and complexity. From offices, warehouses and restaurants to hotels, pubs and shops, our expert team can help to create the right security solution for your business. Get in touch today to find out more or to receive a free no obligation quote. 

How to Protect Your Business from Burglaries