What is it like to live in a smart home?

Technology is advancing more than ever before and becoming a smart homeowner is becoming more of a necessity. With a smart home system, you can connect all your devices to your appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and, more importantly, with you. Discover in this blog how a smart home can benefit your property and the advantages you can experience.

What is a smart home?

A smart home, also known as ‘smart automation’ is a house that contains a communication network that connects to different appliances and allows them to be remotely controlled, monitored and accessed. In a smart home you are able to control and adjust the following:

  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Access
  • Watering systems
  • Household monitoring
  • Security
  • Appliances

The technology in a smart home aims to make our lives easier. By allowing homeowners to control their home from the touch of a button, on an app or even through a voice command from an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, it gives you full control over your home.

Why should I have a smart home?

In the past, smart homes were considered to be part of a luxurious lifestyle but in today’s technological world, they are becoming part of our everyday lives. Here are just some of the benefits of transforming your house into a smart home:

Saving energy

Setting up a home automation system will ensure you are not wasting energy by eliminating the power of consumptions of unattended appliances and devices you are not using.


With a smart home system, you can conveniently control or operate your lighting, heating and electrical devices from the control of a button.

Boost your home security

Smart devices improve access and security around the home in many ways such as motion sensors, smart locks, doorbells as well as smart windows and doors; giving you peace of mind when you might not be at home.


Comfort is key when it comes to homeowners lifestyle which is why it’s one of the main reasons to get a smart home. You can start with getting smart lights that turn on or off using voice commands, sensor detection or even creating schedules.

So is a smart home worth it?

Smart automation is designed to make your life simpler, safer and more convenient as the system is packed with sophisticated technology. Our prices vary in cost depending on what you would like your smart automation system to do, but we aim to fit every budget.

Get in touch with Bellmont security in Essex today to discover which smart home automation system works best for your home and lifestyle and to receive a bespoke quote.