Where should home security cameras be positioned?

Security camera positioning plays an important role in providing adequate surveillance for your premises. Whatever CCTV system you choose, its effectiveness can be influenced by where you place it. Knowing where to place security cameras, both internally and externally around your home, is extremely important to keep your premises safe. Here are our top 4 areas to ensure you know where to install home security systems to maximise their effectiveness.

Install CCTV cameras by the front door

Around 34% of intruders enter through the front door so it goes without saying that you need a security camera pointing in this direction. Positioning the camera at an unreachable height above the door is key ensuring the door and driveway is in view so you can monitor exactly what is going on.

The front door is also where package thieves are likely to strike so keeping a camera here will keep tabs on who comes in and around your home at specific times.

Don’t forget, you can use smart home automation CCTV integrated systems such as a Video doorbell to complement the system. Learn more about this service here.

Locate a security camera by the back and side doors

The back or side doors are commonly out-of-sight passageways which unwanted visitors enter knowing they will usually be undetected; up to 22% of intruders invade your house through the back door. To ensure you have full awareness of everyone who enters and exits from the rear of the premises, add a secondary camera to your doors, especially if one seems enticing or accessible to potential intruders. Again, keep them out of reach and at a height where they can’t be tampered with is advisable.

Place CCTV near off-street windows

Around 23% of home break-ins will occur by entering through a rear window, away from the view of the street. If your rear window is facing the garden, not only will you offer protection from intruders, but you’ll also be able to monitor the activities of your children and animals too.

Intruders that see any exterior under observation will most likely move on, reducing the possibility of someone causing damage or trespassing on your property.

Interior common areas to place CCTV systems

Now that we have covered around 80% of protecting your home, to make it even safer there are other areas we think you should consider.

It can be overlooked to add CCTV inside your home, however gathering points like the kitchen, living room or hallway is not only a great way to monitor your home when you are out of the house but also what your kids are doing when you are home or what the pets are getting up to.

A top tip of ours is to consider prioritising any rooms with large ground floor windows so that you have clear visibility of what is going on inside and outside of your home.

Our team at Bellmont Security in Essex will help you achieve the CCTV solution that works for your home and lifestyle from design through to installation. Get in touch today to learn more.