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access control system installation

Access Control System installation throughout Essex

We have provided reliable access control system installation and maintenance services to dozens of businesses throughout the United Kingdom.

A reliable door access control system is crucial to proper building security management and it will keep different areas of your building secure and, if PC-controlled, allow you to track both visitors and employees.

All our door access control systems can be tailored to your exact requirements. We install both single and multiple door access systems, including card and PIN systems that can be used to control a single door on a stand-alone basis or multiple doors using a network system under PC control.

The Software features on our PC-controlled system include:

  • Time and attendance management
  • Security guard touring
  • Evacuation reporting
  • Roll call (for emergency situations)

Utilising a PC-controlled system within a building helps you to locate members of staff or track visitors throughout the building at a click of a button using biometric, keypad or proximity readers, which allows access to be controlled at any point.

System maintenance

As well as installation, we provide access control system maintenance and repair services.

If you're experiencing problems with your system you can call us and we'll give you the earliest possible appointment time to ensure minimal downtime so that your security is not compromised.

If you're looking to upgrade your existing system, our team are on hand. We often work with companies that require software upgrades or for an existing system to be upgraded so that it can be PC controlled.

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