Intercom Systems Installation in Essex

Intercom Installation & Repair Services, Essex

Bellmont Security Systems Ltd installs Intercoms with regular maintenance and repair to keep your intercom full functional which ensures that your property staff and equipment are protected by the highest level of security. 

Why Choose Us?

We install and repair all types of audio and video door entry systems from small residential homes to office blocks in Basildon and throughout the Essex area. We provide constant high standards with all our installations as well as regular repairs and maintenance so we can guarantee that our service is reliable and will help keep you safe. Our team have the expertise to conduct intercom installs and maintenance for residential and commercial properties.

We also specialise in full-service security systems for commercial properties. 

What is an Intercom System?

If you live in a shared residential building, an intercom system is a crucial part of your building's security. It allows you to speak to and see visitors to your home and grant access only those people you know.

Intercom systems you may want to consider include:

  • Basic one-button audio system
  • Multi-button audio intercom
  • Single-property audio/video intercom
  • Multi-property audio/video intercom

We can also integrate fob and card access readers and keypad pin entry so that you can rest assured that your property is accessible only to those living in the building.

Commercial Intercom Installation

We frequently work office building managers to provide reliable installs and fast-action repair services.

All our intercom services are suitable for commercial properties. As a building manager, an intercom system provides your commercial tenants with a way to manage who's entering and exiting the building, including staff, meeting guests and property management teams. This not only provides security but also an effective office management tool.

Offices with intercom systems installed can command a higher rental fee, too, which may benefit your revenue.

Intercom System Repair Services

Our security experts are the go-to for intercom repair in Essex. We provide fast-action maintenance services to ensure that your intercom system is never out of use for a prolonged period, thereby keeping your building secure and safe. We also provide intercom upgrades, in case your current system is outdated.

Looking for an intercom system in Essex or require maintenance or repair services? Contact us for a quote or to book your installation.

We also provide a wide range of security systems throughout the Essex area.

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