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Looking for a security guard in Essex?

At Bellmont Security Systems Ltd. we are passionate about working in partnership with our clients to provide the very best manned security solutions in Essex. We recruit only the best, train to the highest level and deliver exemplary service. Thanks to our customer focus and can-do attitude we have developed a wide range of security services from overnight security, event security, close protection and door security.

Ensuring your premises is secure

Security is an increasingly important issue for businesses, with anti-social behaviour on the rise. However, we understand there is much more to securing and guarding a building than just keeping watch and doing a look around every once in a while. Bellmont Security Systems Ltd. provides you and your staff with peace of mind, helping improve team morale and productivity.

The presence of a security guard is an old-fashioned approach, however, our guarding team are trained with contemporary skills and are vetted and qualified, supported by the latest technology.

We understand that your security needs are bespoke, which is why our solutions will match this, no matter the size or nature of your premises or event.

A passion for security

When it comes to providing manned security in Essex, we lead the way. Our manned guarding services ensure the chances of intruders entering your property are kept to a minimum, as is the risk of theft. The sheer presence of security guards in Essex can act as a powerful deterrent. We are exceptionally proud of the quality of our manned guarding security services, and we have helped companies from a range of sectors to protect their assets.

You can contact us at any point if you do have any queries about the manned guard security services offered by Bellmont. We were first established back in 2014 and have served a diverse range of clients since our original launch. We are a family-owned business with the staff and resources to provide security services of the highest standard. Between us, we have several decades of security industry experience and are constantly improving our services to make them even more efficient.

We hold a wide range of accreditations and are also able to provide you with CCTV, access control systems, intercoms and intruder alarms alongside our manned guard security services. Whether you need to start from scratch or have an existing security system to upgrade, we are here for you.

Why choose Bellmont Security Services?

Choose Bellmont Security Services if you’re looking for a company that focusses on bespoke solutions and recruits only the most skilled and experienced personnel. We also offer some of the most competitive pricing for manned guard security service in Essex without ever forcing you to cut corners on excellence. Whether you have a clear idea of what kind of security assistance you need or aren’t quite sure what you specifically require, we can help. Our approachable and knowledgeable staff are waiting to hear from you. What’s more is that our security guards in Essex have many years of experience behind them. Talk to us today if you require the services of security guards with outstanding communication and observation skills plus first-class problem-solving abilities.

Contact our team today to discuss a bespoke security solution for your organisation.


It’s essential that security guards are vetted stringently so we can avoid recruiting unsuitable personnel. Vetting ensures security guards in Essex are capable of carrying out this work to the highest of standards and have your best interests at heart. If vetting wasn’t carried out, criminals and other unsuitable or unqualified individuals could easily infiltrate security firms. We use the very latest technology to ensure our vetting processes are as reliable as possible. Vetting can protect your business from theft and other illegal activity, ensuring the people in charge of protecting your assets are as trustworthy as they are professional.
Many of our clients have wildly varying needs. This is why we listen very closely to what you have to say and can therefore create the perfect manned guard security package for your needs. What’s right for one client isn’t necessarily the best match for the next. A bespoke approach ensures you’re only paying for security services that you need rather than ones you don’t. By tailoring your services towards your specific needs, we can ensure you’re getting all the help you require. If you ever wish to make amendments to the service that you receive, don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can make the necessary changes.
Skilled security personnel can protect your business in several ways. They can protect your business from vandalism, theft and violence. They can also make your employees feel safer, especially when they’re working late at night. Security guards can also provide basic customer services, stepping in to advise customers during busy periods and can restraint thieves safely and legally. If you have assets to protect and want your staff to feel safe as they carry out their duties, recruiting a security guard is the ideal solution. Get in touch today for more information on hiring Essex security guards.


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